Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Iam in love with the process of making art. It is scary, to even sit down and make the first stroke on the page, which to me is like taking its virginity, and for that same reason I do it anyway. Once I start I dont stop until I feel there is enough charcoal on the page. My analysis of form class is the complete opposite of what I learned from Tyler on Life drawing class...Instead of spending 5 seconds to digest the pose, then drawing the gesture within 10 seconds. This exercise requires extreme amounts of concentration, and it takes 10+ to finish. I love drawing, and these kind of exercises just encourage me to get better, which is why even my life, as a student striving to become an artist, is a process itself.


  1. Whoa...nice job man. Very impressive work, I'm impressed to say the least. Keep up the kick ass work man! I love the process, nice details, looks like an old master's study.